Fraud, Financial Crime and Asset Recovery

In recent years, governments have increased their efforts and adapted their laws and regulations in order to fight fraud, corruption, money laundering, financing of criminal activities and terrorism. As a result, criminal law is increasingly important for international business and finance.

We frequently and actively advise clients in all defense procedures they might face in criminal, civil or administrative investigations conducted by federal, cantonal or local authorities.

We also regularly assist foreign clients with assets located in Switzerland following criminal assistance requests filed by foreign governmental agencies (requests for documents, freezing of bank accounts, etc.).

We work closely with banks and other financial institutions to assist them in setting up their compliance programs.

We are part of the International Fraud Group (, a global network of highly competent specialists equipped with everything t takes to trace, freeze, seize, secure and return assets.

Main Contacts: Carla Reyes, Arun Chandrasekharan